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Adverts & Campaign

Check out videos from our current and past campaign:

MoreSlim Sports Hijab Tutorial


Different ways to wear MoreSlim Sports Hijab (in Malay)

The tutorial below is in Malay, provided by our official stockist in Malaysia. It shows different ways that you can wear the hijab. It is quite visual, so have a look.


Turban Shawl Campaign

Turban Shawl Tutorial


Instant Hijabs UK Summer Collection 


Instant Hijabs UK Hooded & Semi-instant Hijabs 


Instant Hijabs UK Winter Collection 


How to wear the hijab

The video below is in Malaysian Language

I was invited by the National Television Malaysia (Radio TV Malaysia 1-RTM1) to talk about my PhD biomaterial and scientific background and how it lead to the production of MoreSlim sports hijab.