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Pinless Hijab. Ready in 5 seconds.

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What our customers say

The order came through really quick, I'm surprised!! It really is instant :) My daughters love them now.

Hannah, 35

With the hoops I thought this is going to be some jenga business lol but I was wrong. As simple as pop your head through the first and then the second! That simple, so simple I was trying to find more loops! Its perfect material to pop on for work/event/just in the house with no faffling with pins!!!! It's a wardrobe staple! Alhamdulillah! The simple things in life

Saffiyah, 21

I used to think hijabs didn't suit me. However, thanks to this outstanding brand, within a few seconds of effort in preparing my hijab I feel more confident in expressing myself, whilst maintaining my modesty and style.

Maryam, 17

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Instant Hijabs UK

Modest. Elegant. Convenient.