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Why would you need an instant hijab

There’s so many reasons why you need a pinless instant hijab

Apart from convenience and speed, safety may be paramount in your circumstances.
You might be a mother with a small child toddling around you everywhere.
You may be working in an environment where speed and safety is everything: doctors, nurses, teachers or even a policewoman.

You might be doing hajj or umrah. Crowds and pins do not mix!

Or simply, you are a someone who wants to be safe with no pins sticking out of your head. Our instant hijabs are different, ours are gorgeous and presentable without looking like an amira-style-instant hijab.

MoreSlim Sports Hijab

World's most advanced sports hijab. Scientifically researched, backed up by sportswomen.

Largest UK instant-hijabs collection

Indulge in a variety of fabrics and colours. From the softest flowy chiffon to stretchy cottons, hundreds of colours and materials to choose from

Effortlessly beautiful.

Quick, safe and gorgeous in seconds

Ready in 5 seconds

Modest. Elegant. Convenient.

what makes us so special

All of our carefully tailored hijabs were individually produced by a boutique and not some cheaply mass-produced hijabs from a factory. This is to ensure its high quality. You can certainly feel confident of its uniqueness.

We are the original instant hijabs in the UK with the largest collections of instant hijabs. Make sure you have got our badge on the hijab to be certain of the authenticity.

We can stitch according to your face size, please see the FAQ site.

(Individual tailored stitching is not available during sale time)

All of our work is protected.

What is the fuss all about?

Exhibition & News

Covid-19 Contribution

We have been helping our local community during the pandemic by making masks and scrubs for the NHS. We have also made and distributed some homemade sanitiser during its shortages during the early days. For these we have been given the recognition by the local mayor.

Islam Channel Business Awards 2019

Alhamdulillah we are so humbled to be shortlisted as one of the finalist for start-up business of the year.  We would like to thank you to all of your continual support to make these all possible. Even to get to this stage means a lot to us.. Thank you.

Exhibition LMLS 2018

We took part in the London exhibition on the 21st-22nd April 2018. Alhamdulillah the booth was jammed-packed and crowded, but we were so happy meeting you.

The sports hijab range, MoreSlim, was a big hit! There were lots of interests from around the world. Alhamdulillah. Stay tuned for more news. They will reach near you, InsyaAllah.

Exhibition MLE 2018

We took part in the Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester 13th-14th October 2018 the biggest muslim event outside London.

We had a great time, business networking and most importantly meeting with our customers.

Latest News

Pinless Hijab. Ready in 5 seconds.

Video Tutorial

Need More help?

Check out the video tutorial on how to wear our hijab.

What our customers say

Jazak Allah Khayr for these lovely hijabs, I bought one to make using a stethoscope easier and it definitely does, so I'm buying more! 

Iman, Birmingham

Your service is brilliant; from the speedy delivery to personal email keeping me updated with my order.
I will endeavour to post a review insha'Allah. I normally don't give reviews yet in this special instance I feel compelled to share my positive experience with prospective fellow customers. 
BaarakAllah Feek

Tina, London

With the hoops I thought this is going to be some jenga business lol but I was wrong. As simple as pop your head through the first and then the second! That simple, so simple I was trying to find more loops! Its perfect material to pop on for work/event/just in the house with no faffling with pins!!!! It's a wardrobe staple! Alhamdulillah! The simple things in life

Saffiyah, Bolton

I bought a piece from the new knitted range last week. Love it so much I’ve been wearing it almost everyday. Very comfy - warm yet feels breathable.
Lifesaver on the days when I was running late for school runs - grabbed it on my way to the door and it’s on by the time I left the house (it’s that easy to put on!).
I’ve washed it twice in the washing machine on cold cycle. Haven’t notice any effect on the fabric and it dried really quickly too (on the line outside, not in dryer). Will definitely buy again.

Lin, Co Durham

Thank you for the nice hijabs and gift. My daughter liked it. Looking forward to do solat with it and using it for reading the Quran. As I don't wear the hijab I bought it for salat and reading the quran with it covering my head. Thank you very much my daughter is contemplating on wearing the hijab full time MasyaAllah.

Shuzy, London

Living in a Middle Eastern country, being able to enjoy outdoor sports activity is such a luxury. As the weather is getting better by the day in this part of the world, I have just recently tried the sports hijab that I bought many moons ago from Instant Hijab UK. I played Tennis and was surprised on how this hijab kept me cool in this scorching hot summer. I noticed that I felt more comfortable with it with the same amount of time I spent on Tennis when wearing my normal non-sports hijab. It feels lighter and wonderful. I even got some compliments from wearing it. 

Baiti, Oman.

 The hijabs are excellent, the colour is gorgeous!! You need more advertising I came across you by a lucky accident!

Fiona, Glasgow

I love my new sports hijab! It’s super comfortable and lightweight and even has little earphone holes so I can listen to music while I workout 

Nisrin, London

I love the gorgeous fabrics and the hijabs are so easy to put on, no fiddling about. Super quick delivery and the communication from the seller was excellent! I will definitely order more from you. Alhumdulillah. Thank you! 

Khadijah, London.

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Modest. Elegant. Convenient.

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