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Behind the brand

Salam (peace) and hi. I thought I'd better introduce myself a little bit, that's what usually happened when I sell at the stall and I love talking to getting to know my customers. This is a bit lacking when online.

My name is Elies (yes the logo on the hijab). I am a wife, a mother of 3 children, 3 naughty cats and I am also a scientist. I just started the company when I'm taking a break from being a scientist.


I love eating and travelling. I love seeing different cultures and places. I love sewing too. I used to blog a lot when there were no Facebook and Instagram, somehow I've lost my blogging mojo.

The reason I started the company is that I wanted to give something directly to the Muslim ummah in general and especially my Muslim sisters. I hold a PhD in Biomaterial and Biomedical Engineering. In the past, I have been working closely with companies and surgeons to develop tools and material for implantation in humans. Amongst them were material and tools for treatment for age-related blindness and most recently a sensor to detect heart disease. 

Somehow, I got tired and Mr. hubby suggested that I should take a break. I have promised myself that I wanted to help my sisters after seeing difficulties of some of us especially busy mothers to look presentable. I am a kind of person who likes practicality. So I bring the quick hijab (instant hijab) on board. At the same time, my hobby of eating seeing me going to the gym as a must. I'm struggling to find a nice hijab for sports. This is how the sports hijab come about.

As a one-woman team for design and such, it was taking me so long to design a suitable fabric composition and hijab design. I almost gave up when I heard a 'big company' started to launch their sports hijab too. Anyway, I'm sure MoreSlim has better fabric properties and design. I hope you like what you see at Instant Hijabs UK and let me know if there is anything we could do to help.